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This is a treasury of just about everything we've done together as a band, as well as wallpapers and other shweet OKS mutlimedia.
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From the album Find Them and Destroy Them:

From the album Codes To The Zion Mainframe:

From the album Find Your Own Home:

Previously released mp3s:

From the album Grasscatcher:

  • Mind Defrost
  • Midnight Oasis
  • Fresh From the Farm
  • Hammock
  • Golfing With Fish
  • Henle's Loop
  • Pinecone
  • Setback
  • Raining In L.A.
  • Instant Oatmeal Road

Unreleased Songs

  • Seppuku
  • El Oso
  • Dis Dat Granny
  • Chlorine Girl
  • Bird Hats
  • Grasshopper Suicide
  • Don't Splash Water On Billy
  • Prime
  • Hyposoma
  • Froggy Hop
  • Cowboy Song
  • Lars Jazzypants
  • Two-Car Garage
  • Nematoad Haven
  • So Much Like A Friend
  • Orange Euphoria
  • Neither Has Root Beers
  • Snow Accumulation
  • Evil Moses
  • Ballad of the Strange Man

Abandoned Mine Cart
Two fox, two fox, two fox, three fox and a fourth / Two fox a chex-checks a right-uh-right / I got my funky hat and I'm honeysuckle fat / so if you're in my line of sight tonight / tell me when the beat's quite right / I squirm like Lowly Worm and I'm fat like Huckle Cat / I'm the kinda guy who is rap reclusive / I'm the kinda guy who is rock exclusive / and even though I've never been to Japan / my moves are slammin' and they faster than Jackie Chan / Back, forth, it shore ain't easy / a guy with fish eyes sayin' "umfandisi" / on the one and two we got mixmaster drew / good company? HADE! / what should, what should i say / is this not the first and last brew ha-ha / who knew clint coo could make the girls holla? / I'll only go swimmin' if it's in blue wata / i dressed semi-formal, didn't know it was a gala / now i would guess, i suppose / you silly fool, i'm chilly cool / this is eugena-driven prose! / so take john coltrane for a ride on the soul train / the excitement never stops so bring a double dose of mor-phain / nick ovuka and jeffery c / gonna do what they wanna at jm university / i'm drinkin' sasperella on my comfy-comfy pillow / my beds are bunky, ships are sunky / me kerplunky fella / mortgage the house and shut all the blinds / i'll have a simply soda but it best be lemon lime / uh oh spaghettios not this time / break from the verse and da rhyme, HADE! / mo' money mo problems with the cav advantage / though of late i've had an influx of ulysses s. grantage / the veggies are psycho in a gus van sant fridge / bk right away my way with a croissanwich / now don't you categorize me in miscallaneous / i'll bounce back and attack cuz' i am mad spontaneous / i jam with all my hall, y'all but mostly mainly russ / and if we outside, no umbrella, D'AW, RAINY US!

Back To Blues
Back To Blues, I'm livin' / the B.B. life, my Lucille's a Fred / Down there they give what they givin' now / ain't no wonder your music's dead / guess i gotta be sad to be blue, i knew / well i've got plenty memories of pain / chonny on the scales, take it downtown / learned my DMB pickin' from Cherry Lane / Well I'm down to be nice / but it's only in my head / let up on me your troubled waters / cuz' I don't think that anybody's picking up the phone / let up on me your troubled waters / cuz' I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone / alone / trust me with your cuz, say / trust me with your love, triple marlboro dry / hallucinate at the rate Don's an hour late / I stole a fire extinguisher, I never get high / lying down in the harlem sunshine / why's the Qwik Tune always sayin' I'm sharp? / pull up a chair, a jam's in the air / clapton on the guitar, popper on the harp

Bottlerocket Superstar
Blue memory shy till softness place / think solitary open, think warm embrace / we wrote things on the wall and after all / we ignite a match of our own design / we dreamed of a day with the cryptic king / crowd surfing while heaven and nature sing / the myriad of hands fueled the band / on and on way to long / been like that all my life / visualized the perfect mask in flames / recalled the blurred aurora and whispered names / explosions waterfalled and that was all

Disregard The Trip On That
Blended in color you escaped / how different are you now / a severed thought for goodness sake / it's tasting watered down / down this sick appreciaton / i don't think you're ready to find out who you are / come on / you know you've got to try / come on / disregard the trip on that / come on / when i first met you i found peace / and ways to find her out / alleviate this brief disease / and swallow every sound / sound i taste acceptance trickles down / i think you're ready to find out who you are / now now is gone

Poor Blinky Applehead is / cloaked in inequity / nostalgia is back / hypochondriac / vocabulary flows like snowfall in Ohio, well / the happy guy smiles / no S, now it's miles / why buy the new shoes sonny / i like the old ones funny / how the glasses will slide / oh carol, don't be shy / you silly diabolical red-eyed sugar high / i need some key lime pie, all right / so what is on your mind? / these actions borderline / but that's perfectly fine / a salad of crutons kickin' in / Kyle Osborne in on the TV / these phone connections are leading to / me / don't open the door the hardwood finish is overcoming all the visitors / realize the kaiser bread is shaping into the worst of the sample grain / the sample grain / do you recall a time in life when all the work was for those bigger than you? / I think you do / the point that which you're hearing / the point to which I'm veering is commonly bad / down in my pad / demand a street name for your good friend Jvan Zebari / Sergeant Grey makes you sick / but its non-toxic / through all these flaws I've pondered / collecting straws no longer / alarm on the building top / tee off on the mini golf field / the five stroke limit serves you very well / wishing for more spare change you / fell / all kids love squamels, let me hear your industrial sounds / dear someone, something / sincerely, someone / but's there's this apathetic manipulation of the cerebellum, dum dum dum

Grassblade Smoke
Drawn with jagged lines / this is not a glass of water / drink the saturnine / might as well be poison / would you not like to be once again hurting me? / I lay down and cry / smile as you do, life revolves around you / i cannot see why / people always tellin' me / tellin' me what to do / no one's ever lovin' me / lovin' me like you do / i don't mind the sunshine / stained and silent flow / myself is me, myself is others / can't look up I know / why's the ground so interesting? / drowning i fear in this river of tears / she is on the shore / "feeling" this pain and you'll know what I'm sayin' / lost forever more / losing this love which I never saw of / take my heart and tongue / alone in the cold, i am dying old / i am dying young

In my lunchroom I feel I'm a prisoner / twenty tables aligned perpendicular / my yellow plastic chair is not where it used to be / the surge is green and clear with popular viscosity / carter beauford was right and I was wrong / before the admiration of his skills with fills in song / now that's a lot to say but he's a man of many cymbals / if they all crashed down i bet Zildjan reps would tremble / compensated loss / wary i walk across / tired to travel instead / ended up over my head / bow to me now, call me triple sow cow / cups up fizzy stuff, pour me a little more 7up / in the pocket I find a nickel, dime / add the 2 for 15 and the rest is mine / Ed's pretty cool Don has an Ibanez guitar / someone at his college wishes he knew where you are / yeah I'm Tiger but it's only with the birdie and no bogey / down the highway with the shoney bear and cheesy macaroni / where we are / where we be / what we say / puts colored rain on me / HOOOO!

Get / dig / akuvo kin must think / aka wally cinq / that / opportune time is now / to yell out come on cow / yeah / surely all these phrases once collected serve a point / but it's so little, brittle like a gingerbread cookie man middle / since the very first thing you eat is the tasty treat that was his head / congratulations, now he's dead / hey makesure to makesure / you gotta makesure to makesure baby / snakes / that's all it really, really takes / it doesn't matter buttons / says the artist formerly known as everlast / compliments the rhythm only compliment this gets / too inside out like a trout, roll like dave grohl / just a combo of the mambo number four meaning four find it synonomous with bye, bye, bye / it would make justin timberlake cry / who dropped the bomb that got the eugena / dula la lapkin with the cheese on nipchee

return it back to home and crew / what are we slackers supposed to do? / lemme say oh-oh / where did it go? / uncertainly the kleptomania rising / hey that's new / lemme say oh-oh / where did it go? / now you're all losing all / what happened to your taxi sign? / and if you no like / a piece of mind / where did it go? / eh nubian eh, eh newbie, we rock it / stashed the moneycash and we just picked your pocket / inside / caught me down the line / caught me down the line / mosquito, i / i escape and what was yours is mine / including that / a sign would advertise just fine / a university painters line / lemme say oh-oh / where did it go? / maybe it started when we chimed / copy and cheat / now a life of crime / lemme say oh-oh / where did it go? / now you're all losing all / who put that windmill on your car? / and if you no like / a piece of mind / where did it go? / live in '75 we got stereo in '52 / asseyez-vous i'm slammin' french lines / like gerard deipardieu

Musicfest Orlando
Tranquil / amplification / wasted hours / but I really liked it / sunrise / exploding lightbulb / blinded terror / but I really like...DON? "Kackin' and Pickin!" YEAH! / phat strummin' without any type of pause / sittin' back and drinkin' root beer / the carbonation takes me to a higher level / now I am the first one here / shoving loose change down in my pockets now / dark driftwind passing by / papercut destroys my rhythm / the sunbeam hits my eye-e-eye / shield your eyes / you got to realize I'm kackin' and pickin' / friday, a massive delay / the grass is cut but the music is gone / the crocodile eye lied to me / it said this was a meaningful song / thick roots on the fallen tree / frayed wire emitting blue sparks / red plastic trash with strings / sing in all the central par-e-arks / sing in parks

Hello fish, how are you? / I'm invading your ocean space, you see I'm / tired of living my life this way / tired of being another face / I will eat your coral and will sleep upon the reef / aqua layers rise / here I am at the thread of life / i am here in upstate Maine / I wanna be the scuba man / I wanna wear the goggle chain / I will play with lasers in / conditions deemed unsafe / burn a hole through me / navigator sails / and I can't live without you / seaweed woven around this rock / Everpresent the talking cat / they have served me the deepest tea / I am drowning within that / metaphorically call my name / answer my requests / magnify the trout

We've walked many a mile / we've lost track of our point in time / we can't stop cuz' we're searching for denial / life's lost in the wind / life's given me alcohol / quick stab and the pain will go away / so I reach my hand across to hold yours / it's a cause for others waiting to be scourged / covered up my wounds with matches / so I'll fly away south / bleeding led to more than scratches / hana dul set, yit yet san / fall for being a third / and only ender knows what it means / raven black, now raven turning white / I'd like to meet myself / ask me how I am feeling now / is that really me in the corner room? / what's inside is never, not reflected out / all these people laughing makes me want to shout / taking wing over the ashes / dove in water, violent splashes / I've been left behind / common man breathes oxygen, I breathe of what's inside / if you'd just shut up I'd turn you to my side / killed myself at redrock canyon / swallow was my sole companion / yeah this is hatred, you're not human / don't close the novel, I've found an ending

A Tribute To Mr. Punhong
is that the home phone or what / yeah my mom's here / okay let me see / little bit lotta bit right / yeah you hafta say it with emphasis / yeah instead of don't splash water on billy you say don't splash water on billy / yeah like when you got really mad at the class / oh that one easy though i used do that one in high school though that time i acting / what YOU LIKE KAH-RODE-EE? (debatable line) / oh let's see / what you do you make mic mess / don't splash water on billy / this is great / be careful with bandsaw / bring in your twenty doyh-ahs / don't jump on tables / okay class get to work / little bit lotta bit / you're so great man

Song Called Song
Make electric fire / with the telephone wire / it's frayed on the end where the copper is green / front the old physician / with a composition / of letters and poems from the great obscene / now face the truth, you're running out of the parking lot / the valet people are screaming like a steaming pot / i'll be on my way / but you will not stay / why the canned confusion all letting loose on the second floor? / the elevator is shut and dry / mock transportation with a bucket, rope, and apple core / a snack attack for apple pie / apple pie! / make the ride up cleaner / with a carabeaner / i've elected the council for future times / a convicted felon / with a watermelon / spitting seeds on the grass with the dirt and grime / november people calling march a funny name / aw, june kills them all / with a focused flame / why the paper cutters all coming loose with the tiny shreds / contestant number two is fat / YEAH! PHAT YO! / caffine injection on the sole account of what the people said / the crayfish wants a bunch of that / bunch of that / i'll be on my way! / and i've never seen such a metaphor used so pathetically

South of the Border
1, 2, 1 2 3 4! Brim in the shade / never mind the rock anyway / a little I guess / but every moment it's less and less but I know / water source is slack / but the wind on the trail leads to Sanford's shack / every second counts / totem pole, of heads i lost count / chameleon / deceived me / I'm food for / coyote / no limits / on this ride / fun always / on this side / I've been taught in many ways / when you're takin' life in a normal haze / don't say that your mindset is wrong / don't say that your childhood is gone / you've been old for too long / a stalker is there, why can't she see / you would like to remain psycho-free (so get the heck away from me ) / original mind in a trendy place / you gotta give the others time while you set your own pace / never listen to a song for philosophy / crowd at Daddy-o's / senor frog is world famoso (C & CH) / plenty pesos to spare / but I don't think I'll braid my hair / drawing in the sand / reminents of an ancient land / got nowhere to go? / i'd take a ticket to Mexico / move over / iguana / gracias / de nada / you fishies / in cashmere / the party / is right here!

Uncle Charlie's Song
There's a place where I long to be / where people smile with ease / you can feel the caring going on / for the rivers and trees / and for me / i can lay in my darkened room / and see a row of roses bloom / breathing in that sweet sweet fragrance / i pray it won't go away too soon for me / but everything is still the same / nothing's really changed / change is just a dream I had / that faded when reality came for me / I wish I could stay happy forever, forever / I wish I was anywhere but here / but here / I wish I could be anyone but me / but me / because love is never really there with me / no no no no no never there with me / there's a woman-girl from the desert / who dreams of rivers and trees / I asked her if I could take her hand / she just smiled and said please / for me / so Emily and I went down to the river / I picked a dozen roses to give her / she smiled that smile that made me happy / remember saying "I'll love you forever" for her / and for me /...I've found my love again

WARNING: the following list is extremely detailed and technical.

  • Janine Mason's 18th Birthday Party (special guest: Tony Weeda)
  • Ram Jam 1997
  • Burke 20th Anniversary Celebration
  • King's Ridge 1997 Summer Pool Party
  • Robinson 1997-98 Variety Show
  • Terra Centre Assembly, 1998
  • Wakefield Jam at The Zone (With Boys Of Skabinson and Clint Coo, special guest: Dave Broussard)
  • Ram Jam 1998 (special guest: Eric Espiritu)
  • All Night Grad Party 1998
  • Old Firehouse (With Retarted Crickets, Skalicious, and other ska bands whose names I forgot)
  • 9.15.99: Alumni Hall, UVA
  • 2.26.00: UVA Dance Marathon 2000 (with Red Shift)
  • 9.9.00: Survivor Bash at Theta Chi, UVA (special guest: Russ Jenkins)
  • 9.16.00: Ox Roast at Theta Chi, UVA (special guest: Russ Jenkins)
  • 2.24.01: UVA Dance Marathon 2001 (with Lyman and The Bureau)
  • 3.17.01: Spontaneous Apartment Concert At 891G
  • 3.23.01: KA Melrose, James Madison University (special guest: Jordan Brown)
  • 4.7.01: AKL Melrose, James Madison University
  • 10.27.01: Race for Relief, JMU
  • 11.2.01: Gamma Phi Microbrew at Mellow Mushroom, UVA
  • 2.16.02: UVA Dance Marathon 2002 (with The Bureau)
  • 2.27.02: Main Street Bar and Grill, JMU (with Luck Be A Lady)
  • 4.13.02: Opening for Crazy Diamond at Main Street Bar and Grill, JMU
  • 4.20.02: Pre-Graduation Rockout at Mainstreet Bar and Grill, JMU (with Luck Be A Lady, Plague Dogs and some other crappy local bands)

Burke Connection Article :: Short Fan Review :: Praise From Burke Centre :: Carousel Article

Burke Connection Article (May 15-21, 1997)


You might say playing music is second nature to the four Robinson Secondary School students who compose the band "Second Nature," one of the featured bands at the Burke Centre 20th anniversary celebration this weekend.

"They have been writing songs since they were little bitty boys," said Lisbeth Werner of Schoolhouse Woods Court in Burke, and mother of band members Dave, 17, and Andrew, 15. As a matter of fact, the brothers still remember Dave's first lyrics written at age 4, "Yellow Dress," which goes like this: "She invited me home for dinner. She said yes. She's wearing the yellow dress...."

While Dave composed as he went along, Andrew said he sang backup, "Yellow Dress, yellow dress."

When Dave and Andrew were in second and first grades, respectively, they began taking piano lessons because their parents wanted them to have a musical background. While big brother continued on the ivories, Andrew said he decided to take up another instrument. "Dave was really good on the piano; it made me look bad," he said, "so I decided to play the drums."

"Once you know the basics, it's fun. Soon we could put melodies to my lyrics," said Dave, who now plays the keyboards, guitar and harmonica, and does the lead vocals for the band.

Then along came Don Simpson, 16, of Wilson Woods Court in Fairfax, the band's lead guitarist, who has quite a different musical background. "When I was 4 years old, I got my first guitar at a yard sale for 75 cents," he said. "It only had three out of six strings and had a big crack down the middle."

Don and Dave met in seventh grade art class shortly after he began taking guitar lessons. "We started talking about having a band way back then," Don said.

Once Eugene Jung, 17, of Sideburn Court in Fairfax, added his talents as a bass guitarist two years ago, the band was complete. "I'm the newest member, but I'm also the coolest," he said, as the others laughed. "Yeah, we transformed him," said Don, punching him on the arm. "Eugene was nothing until he joined the band."

The bass guitarist actually started out on the piano, too, when he was in fifth grade, but he took up the cello when being recruited for the school orchestra. "At that time, I thought violins were only for girls, and the stand-up bass was too heavy," Eugene said, "so I picked the cello," which he plays to this day.

However, with the addition of MTV to his selected viewing, his mind began strumming in another direction. "I saw people playing guitars, and it was, like, really cool," he said.

Although they insisted they all "have lives," at least four weekday afternoons are spent in a part of the Werner's basement: A small area with two bare lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling; floor covered with cardboard, which is filled with lyrics and drawings (mostly by Dave); aluminum foil and posters on the wall; and instruments and equipment taking up the rest of the breathing space. "This is home," they said. "We just like to jam."

All of their music is original. "We don't play any cover songs, except "Sample In A Jar" by Phish and a remake of Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue"," Andrew said.

They said they have been influenced by Dave Matthews, Phish, and Widespread Panic, but aren't out to sound like any other band. "We have an underground beat," Don said. "We like to focus on the instruments," Dave said. "Yeah, and concentrate on our own sound," added Don.

This summer, they plan to record a CD. "We recorded a tape last summer, "Grass Catcher"," Eugene said, "but we've grown way beyond it."

"Yes, copmpared to how we sound now...I just can't wait to get back in the studio," Andrew said.

Second Nature will be appearing at Ram Jam, May 16, at Robinson's Russell Theatre, and at Burke Centre's 20th Anniversary celebration, at the Burke Centre Conservancy at noon on Saturday, May 17.

A Short Fan Review of a Show
From: The Burke Connection, May 22-28.

The musical entertainment began shortly after noon. Approximately 25 students and fans came out to see Second Nature perform their all-original rock n' roll material. Classmates Kristen Cox, 15, and Jenny Lovell, 16, both of Burke, stood under a tree to avoid the rain, nodding their heads to "Fresh From The Farm". "I think they're awesome," said Kristen. "Yes, I definitely would pay money to see them in concert," added Jenny.

(Extra Note: this was our worst performance we've ever had. Not only did it rain through the entire set, Don's guitar fell in the middle of a song and it went totally out of tune. Never again has the song "Instant Oatmeal Road" been played in the key it was played in that day. But trust me, it's gotten quite better through out the years.)

Praise From Burke Centre
From: A thank you note sent to the band, signed on May 21, 1997.

Dear David, Andrew, Eugene, and Don:

On behalf of the Burke Centre community and the 20th Anniversary Committee, I'd like to thank you for the outstanding performance you provided on May 17, 1997. Spectators had nothing but rave reviews to offer about the group, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the band's performance.

I sincerely appreciate the wonderful performance provided by Second Nature, along with the efficient set-up and clean up time after the performance. The professionalism exhibited by the band during our celebration greatly contributed to the overall success of the event.

Carousel Article
From: Carousel Magazine For The Arts, 1998 Edition, entitled "Hello Fish, How Are You?: From Second Nature's new album 'Find Your Own Way Home.' Second Nature is one among the few bands at Robinson High to have recorded their second album."

Hello Fish. How are you? The angelic snowfall is just starting to cling to the grass in Damascus, Maryland. A lone recording studio sits atop a freshly blanketed hill, and strands of music begin to leak through the windows to the frozen world outside. Eugene Jung is inside, holding a black bass guitar and wearing a pair of bulky headphones. He is in the process of recording the bass track to a song he created named "F-sharp." The Robinson-based band Second Nature is in the middle of reaching an impressive feat by a high school group: they're making a CD.

Second Nature comes from the rich musical scene that has always been present at Robinson, from old bands such as Giant Cardboard Dinosaurs to newer ones like Princessed. Second Nature recorded their CD over the 97-98 winter break, and this being their second album, the band has evolved and learned from their previous effort, "Grasscatcher."

"They play very refreshing and original music," Rolling Hills' Recording Studio guru Greg Snider said. Greg and his brother, Don, recorded the new CD, "Find Your Own Way Home." The seven songs on the amazing new album range from the heavy-driven "Third" to the acoustic-rendered "Uncle Charlie's Song." The album finishes with a hilarious eighth track, consisting of a conversation between the band's brothers, David and Andrew Werner, and their former technical education teacher Mr. Pongpun Punhong.

Second Nature is made up of three seniors, Don Simpson, Eugene Jung, and David Werner, as well as junior Andrew Werner. No single member takes claim to the band's small-scale success; instead they say everyone plays an equally important role.

"We're not focused on making money," said David, the lead singer, "and truthfully, we wouldn't be on any level of success. We're just having a lot of fun playing our own music and enjoying what we have." David also plays some guitar and keyboard on the new album.

"I like jamming every week," don, the main guitarist, said. "We all get along well. Well, we do make fun of Eugene, but that's understandable."

Eugene was the last addition to the band, but in his own words, he's also the "coolest." Eugene remains the only band member to sleep in on recording sessions for both the first and second albums. In addition to the bass, Eugene also plays cello in one of the new songs.

Andrew rounds out the group with his drums, following in the jazz tradition of 1997 Drummer of the Year, Carter Beauford. His drumming is unmatched at Robinson, and the new album only re-enforces that. He is often found listening to professional albums in his basement and drumming along to their beats.

"I hate all the stupid mechanical drum stuff that people are listening to now," Andrew admitted. "There's no work there; it's just pressing buttons on a machine. Call me crazy, but I listen to 'Smooth Jazz 105.9' on the radio all the time. That's where the action is."

Maybe the wording of this interview isn't bringing out the craziness and excitement Second Nature really generates. Their many live performances, including Ram Jam 1997, continue to be more and more exciting.

"We have a video tape of our first live show at a birthday party," Eugene laughed. "We all just stood around looking at the ground. Now we're focusing on everyone having a good time and getting the tunes out to the kids as well as we can play them."

The band practices in the Werner brothers' basement, an unfinished masterpiece with poster-covered walls and a magic-marker colored cardboard floor. Add to that a ceiling with plastic dinosaurs, road signs, and a strobe light hanging from the steel cross-braces and the jamming headquarters is complete.

The influences on the band are wide in variety, including Phish, They Might Be Giants, and Dave Matthews Band. Take note that all the aforementioned bands have their own unique styles and are not simply following a set musical formula. That's what Second Nature is out to do: break musical rules.

"We didn't like the transitions in 'F-Sharp', so we just got rid of them," Don said. "There's some Korean in 'Third' and steel drums in 'Navigator'. Each song has its own sound and mood."

The CD is available through any of the band members or through their homepage ( on the internet for \$10. The price barely covers the expenses it took to go through the entire process of creating a quality CD. The reactions from listeners have been full of praises.

With college approaching for the three senior members, Second Nature's future is up in the air.

"We're going to stay together as friends at the very least," David summed up. "There are plenty of jams left, but we made the CD to top off our work in high school. It's been a lot of fun, and I know all of us want music to remain in our lives for a long time."

Whatever the future brings, Robinson has been lucky to have Second Nature walk through its doors, along with all the other great musicians in the school.

Back at the beginning scene, the snow continues to srop and Andrew is laying down a track of bongos for the last song on the album.

"I wanna make a snowman," he says. "Last year Don and I made a guy named Smiling Eugena with a snow body and cheese eyes. The birds ate the eyes. Eugene got mad and knocked it down. It's those precious moments I hold so dear to my heart. We have so much fun."

(Extra Note: Want to know a little story behind this interview? The guys knew the editor-in-chief for this annual magazine, Carousel, so they knew they had an easy interview. Unfortunately, the supposed interviewer was not on best terms with Andrew and there was a little tension there. So the above interview was actually written by Dave. All those quotes are made up. Pretty convincing, huh?)

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