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2000 Archives
12.12.00 The Sky Is Not A Ceiling...
Check out Kelly Mthembu, a new song by Charlie Wine (Dave and Andrew's Uncle) with help from Craig Honeycutt from Everything. That ought to tide you over until the next OKS update (with new Dance Marathon info!)...

Check out the third song off the Codes To The Zion Mainframe online album, Makesure, available for free at IUMA. We almost scrapped mixing this song entirely but stayed up until 5:00AM one morning to fix all the problems we were having with the recording. It's not a perfect mix, but it's still one of the most rockin' songs OKS has recorded. Currently talks are underway for around four live shows next semester (remember this isn't a job, it's a hobby), as well as a handful of acoustic shows from Dave and longtime partner in crime, Russ Jenkins. And make sure to check out our sister site,, where recent additions include a non-profit online store and a treasury of old Cav Daily comics. I haven't been able to update the page recently since our host, RedRival, has been going through a complete overhaul of their system...sorry if the pages have been loading slower, it should be fixed by next Wednesday. Hope you enjoy the new song. I've been playing it non-stop and my roommate is getting annoyed...

Back in high school, Okay Samurai was called Second Nature. And in their senior year of high school, Second Nature produced their own CD, a feat unheard of for most high school bands. Find Your Own Way Home was the first step into creating a new sound for the band that would eventually evolve into OKS. Now you can buy and share this timeless classic with your friends, loved ones, and Dr. Dre. Our IUMA Audio Section now has a "BUY IT!" sign where you can order these CDs (which incidentally double as frisbees if you throw them hard enough) at only ten bucks a pop. Includes the songs Musicfest Orlando, Uncle Charlie's Song, Third, F#, Letdown, Navigator and Grassblade Smoke, as well as the hidden bonus track A Tribute To Mr.Punhong (quite possibly the funniest recorded incoherent rambling ever). You can even download Navigator and listen to it before you decide to buy. It was recorded at Rolling Hills in Damascus, Maryland and produced and mastered at Discmakers. They make great stocking stuffers!

With the newly acquired, we're pleased to announce the availability of domain names. If you have a webpage and would like the web address to be, we'll do it because we're insane (for example, check out Eugene's homepage at All we ask is that you place a link back to our page somewhere on your site. Here's a small banner that you could possibly use:(note: this service is no longer available)...but of course you can link back in whatever crazy way you want to. Right now the contract for is for a year, at which time we'll see how it's going and decide if we'll continue with it. Your page will also be listed in our paths section (note: there is no paths section anymore). Interested? Send all inquiries to

Today South of the Border went online as the second free song off of Codes to the Zion Mainframe. This classic OKS song was once again written by Eugene. You may remember it as the song where Andrew wears a giant sombrero while playing drums. It's the shortest song on the album, clocking in at 2:32, but well worth the listen! Gotta love that ending! More show info coming soon...

OX Roast went pretty well. The BBQ was incredible, the drinks were refreshing, the weather was nice and OKS rocked outside on the deck. Highlights included: Don jumping off of the porch during 2 Skinnee J's 718, Eugene being his usual cool self, Andrew wearing a slightly flattened giant sombrero and and Dave singing 718 from the street while chasing a car. Dave and Theta Chi brother Russ Jenkins did a short acoustic set before the second OKS set which turned out pretty well also. Thanks again to all who came out, expecially the crowd that drove down from JMU. We have a commemorative wallpaper here (note: wallpaper no longer available) that includes Dave's tee-shirt picture.

Theta Chi and Alpha Phi are throwin' together OX Roast, the year's biggest barbeque party, this Saturday, September 16 from 1PM-5PM at the Theta Chi fraternity house at UVA. Getting in on the action only costs \\$5, which gets you all the barbeque from Pig 'N Steak you can handle while rockin' out with OKS. It's a charity event to benefit the American Red Cross as well as a means to party before UVA's first away football game of the season. And the first shirt ever featuring Okay Samurai will be available at the show for only $10. This one-time-only commemorative OX Roast tee-shirt includes a special picture drawn by Dave. Fashion experts predict the shirt rings in the new fall season with stylish features like sleeves, a size tag, and cotton lining. We hope to see you there!

Amidst rows of bamboo stalks, hundreds of goldfish swimming in a pool, tiki torches and an audience decked out in island garb, Okay Samurai rocked Theta Chi's Survivor party yesterday night. Thanks so much to everyone who came out; the band always plays better and goes crazier when the audience is into a party mood. The biggest Survivor of the evening was Andrew...even after his hands were bleeding from non-stop drumming, he continued through out the night with swollen hands wrapped in tape and tissue paper (and played just as well during the second set). The band played two one-hour-long sets. And the encore of "Sweet Home Alabama?" That was the first time OKS had ever played that song. Thanks again for coming out and we hope to see you at September 16's OX Roast starting at 1PM on the deck at Theta Chi. More info about Ox Roast coming in a few days...

Confused? Okay Samurai is playing two weekends in a row at the Theta Chi fraternity house at UVA.
***Saturday, September 9: Survivor Bash
Approximate hours are from 10:30PM -2AM. A wild rockin' theme party for Survivor. Free!
***Saturday, September 16: Ox Roast (Philanthropy Event)
Sometime in the afternoon before the first UVA away football game. A yet undetermined price will help charity but get you all the barbeque from Big Jim's that you can handle. There are shirts and cups too but I'm not sure if they're included in the cost yet.
...more info on the way as soon as we hear it! and check out our newest wallpaper here (note: this is no longer available).

Good lord, there are fourteen new photos in the visual section. Here you can see Pumpkinhead Eugene, Tweety and Don, Andrew's Infamous "Halloween Four Times Over" picture, and Dave with outta control hair. Andrew is 19 today so make sure to make sure and send him happy birthday wishes. And there are a few minor changes here and there for the site; the main title bar will select one of four pictures to be displayed at random. They feature kung-fu movies, Transformers, Jet-Li and crazy band shots. More info on Ox Roast early next week...

On Saturday, September 16, OKS will be playing a benefit concert at the Theta Chi fraternity at UVA. It will be in the afternoon...the time has yet to be determined...we'll let you know as soon as we find out. The "OX Roast" is a charitable event that will hook you up with great food and partying before UVA's first away football game. And in the next few days "Navigator" will replace "Third" as the free mp3 available from Find Your Own Way Home. This song, written by Don, clocked in as the longest song on the album and sounds like a mix between island music and Phish.

Codes To The Zion Mainframe, the free OKS online album, has been shortened to four songs: Mosquito, South of the Border, Bottlerocket Superstar, and Makesure. You can download Mosquito now; the other three will be released through out the next few months. The remaining four tracks (Seppeku, Back To Blues, Song Called Song and Prime) will be finished over the winter holidays. Reason being, the band has been going through marathon-type practice sessions lately and there doesn't seem to be enough time to record, practice, and watch every Jet Li movie known to man.

Mosquito, the first song from the new OKS album Codes To The Zion Mainframe, is now available as a free mp3 in our audio section. This is the first available recording ever from the band (the previous mp3, Third, was made under the band name "Second Nature"). The song was written by Eugene and the lyrics were written by Dave. The interactive section has also changed; now you can customize your messages more (but don't worry "muckycat": you can still write fake ones). The new album cover is also available as a wallpaper here (note: this is no longer available). By all means, enjoy the song, it is safe to listen to.

Thanks to Music Link of Virginia for making Okay Samurai their Band of the Week for June 11, 2000! Make sure to check all the great local Virginia bands there; we're lucky to have such incredible local talent.
But I digress. Today it was announced that a new OKS album, Codes To The Zion Mainframe, will be available by September 1st. The best news? It's gonna be FREE. Eight brand new unreleased songs will be available as free mp3 downloads at all the top mp3 sites (, IUMA, Rolling Stone, etc.) as an online album collection. Although this is the band's third album (after Grasscatcher and Find Your Own Way Home), it is their first under the name Okay Samurai. They are currently recording the tracks in The Basement of Doom. The eight new songs will be Mosquito, Get..., Back To Blues, Bottlerocket Superstar, South of the Border, Seppeku, Song Called Song and Prime. How exciting!

Today is Don's Birthday, so make sure to ask him about the Swedish cow bell the next time you see him. Right now the band is having a good time jamming and hanging out. Don, Eugene and Dave have each made a new song and they sound like they'll be pretty wild. And Mosquito will definitely be a new free mp3 available in September (that's the song that the turtle crowd-surfed to at Dance Marathon). PROTIP: Do not use the first player joystick for Street Fighter III at the Centreville Movie Theatre, you can't move down! (thanks to Eugene for this hint)

Congratulations to Virginia Tech's Java Soup, who moved on to Round Three of IUMA's MusicOMania 2000. They came from way behind late in the game to narrowly defeat us and Infectious Organisms. We did pretty well considering Java Soup's sneaky last-minute technique and that Infectious Organisms have played with the likes of 2 Skinnee J's, Outkast, and The Roots. Will from the band sent us the following:
Dave, thanks for the support, best of luck to you guys as well, you guys have quite an original sound, and I look forward to catching a show sometime, peace-Will (infectious organisms)
In addition, reviewed all the competing bands and here's what they said about us:
The youthful Okay Samurai chugs raucously along with strained, throaty vocals, a two-guitar assault (one clean, one dirty), propulsive drums, pop hooks and a fair amount of Grunge-ified angst.
And then, according to their reviewer, we sound similar to Our Lady Peace and Better Than Ezra! I thought that was kinda cool.

Although we don't expect to win since we really haven't played much at college yet, we're excited that we made it to Round Two of IUMA's Musicomania 2000 contest nevertheless. Click on the crazy guy on the left to go vote for us! Eugene has a new personal homepage at, so make sure to check that out too (anonymous admirers included)! Thanks to the people that came and saw DNR (an attempt by Dave and Russ to copy Guns N' Roses) at the Pav on Wednesday, including Jennifer, Rachel, James, Mike and all of Russ's friends, and of course Katy McHale (sorry if I left anybody out). They played a Dave Matthews trio (Trippin' Billies, Lover Lay Down, Crash) and then did Tonic's If You Could Only See. Other highlights of the night included the guy rapping "Bust A Move", Episode, the Irish Jig, Alana Malick (I swear she's Jewel's sister), tons o' comedy, Third Place, and that poetry/singing lady who seduced Dave. Finally, expect next school year to be the year of the Samurai...we're working on some "stuff." All I can say now is that if a certain band was to remix the Transformers Theme Song into something new, it would sound really, really cool.

Today the new Second Nature Comic website went online at That site and this site now share the same "interactive" section, which has also been redone. The 3d Treehouse is also now easier than ever to check out. And now is up to date in the archives and has some new things thrown in as well.

Along with Red Shift and Accent of the Poor, Okay Samurai is entered in an online contest to be the best college band in America. You can vote for the fellas at The winners of each region get to go to the Finals in California to play in a big-time concert with Primus...sweet, eh? Of course it's a long shot but it's fun to be a part of...IUMA sent us tons of free stuff. The Dance Marathon concert was without a doubt our best one yet; you should come over some time and watch the video!

Every day something new comes up with Dance Marathon that just keeps making it better and better. Today we found out during DM we're giving away 3 Palm Pilots, those trendy little computer organizers, you know? And also a BUSLOAD of Tri Delts from JMU are coming down for the event...that might be incentive for some of you to come...anyway, the $50 in fundraising is due on February 7, so get crackin' and ask everyone you know.

Okay Samurai will play their first concert under the new name on Saturday, February 26 at Memorial Gym in UVA at 10PM. So what is this Dance Marathon anyway? It's a 24 hour dance party to raise money for a local charity for premature babies. Okay Samurai will be joined by at least local partners Red Shift, with more to be announced shortly. All it takes is raising $50 in donations to get into this extravaganza. However, there will also be "open hours" where you can pay $5 and catch the action on Saturday from 9PM to 2AM. Check out to see a listing of the entertainment as well as other info.

Well once again we've launched a new nerdy website but I think we'll keep this version for a while longer than the others. As of today we changed our band name from Second Nature to Okay Samurai. The main reason was a conflict with a California jazz group sharing the name "Second Nature". For a while we were sticking with just "2N" but decided to be a little more creative. Thanks a lot for visiting!

1999 Archives
Over the holidays 2N is going to change their name. It just isn't cool enough, you know? Expect a lot of new stuff for the site and the band in general (including those new mp3s I keep promising) after winter break.

Finally, the new site design is up. Nerdy, nerdy, nerdy. The new picture-based navigation system on the index page is pretty cool. The entire site was moved from Angelfire to, which means more space for me (And Angelfire recently switched to having annoying pop-up banners). Actually, the only downside is that the 3d Virtual Treehouse is temporarily down. But when it comes back, it will be cooler than ever. Let us know what you think at The Bug's Home. Or you too can try to guess who Anonymous is, because we sure can't.

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